What is Happy Pill?

We share your stories, stories of everyday people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses. We currently have a blog of stories submitted by our readers, as well as social media channels with memes, quotes, and more. Trendy, fun, flirty, depressing at times, honest.. welcome to Happy Pill.

Why was Happy Pill Created?

They say having a mental illness is a full-time job. Truth is, you probably juggle more than just working this mental illness of yours. You work, go to school, intern, have a boyfriend/girlfriend (or at least pretend to), have some sort of relationships with others, feed your pets, keep up on The Bachelor, and somehow manage to find time to go to the store to grab your favorite bottle of wine. We recognized that there currently is not a positive, attractive community online for young women with mental illnesses. Our goal is to provide a trendy, attractive environment for young women to access information, stories, and a community of others with mental illnesses.
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How We Run

We are here for you. We are here for those who want or need help, and for those who want to understand the complexities of mental illnesses. Our mission is to help educate those with mental illnesses, as well as to help connect mental health professionals with those who need help.Our site is currently funded through family & friends. We also gain rely heavily off of advertising from mental health professionals. Reach us at ceo@happypill.com if you would like to explore the possibility of sponsoring Happy Pill. We happily welcome corporate sponsors, as well as have a structure set in place to do so! You may also advertise through banner ads and branded content (of course, these will be noted as advertisements to keep our site as transparent as possible for our community). Collaboration is the key to health and success!

Want to get involved?

Fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form, found in the navigation bar. You can share your story, become a campus ambassador, and more!

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Meet Our Team

Meet the Board

VP of IT at the Clorox Company, Kate Grasman
Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, Michael Connors
Director of Global Partnerships at The Economist, Valerie Williamson
Principal at Tecta Associates, Ahmad Mohazab